Digital Ledgers


06-09-2023 • 33分

According to the Blockchain Council of the Philippines, blockchain technology and Web3 projects have an "opportunity to flourish" in the country. The Philippines has joined the rest of Asia in crypto adoption. Cryptocurrencies have entirely changed how we think about money and how traditional financial systems operate. Moreover, the Philippines has established itself as a prospective player in the crypto industry, and the Blockchain Council has been instrumental in promoting the uptake and comprehension of these virtual currencies. The Blockchain Council of the Philippines, believes that as the globe moves toward a decentralized future, crypto adoption in the Philippines will thrive, ushering in a new era of financial inclusion and economic empowerment for its citizens. In view of these, we've invited Dr. Donald Patrick Lim, the Chief Innovation Officer of Udenna Corporation and Chief Operating Officer of DITO CME as well as the Founding President of the Blockchain Council of the Philippines as he explains to us the value proposition of Blockchain technology to our digital economy. --- Send in a voice message: