Maze of Configuration


15-12-2023 • 32分

Consulting firms worldwide have a lot to contend with over the last few years with the global pandemic and resulting great resignation, plus widespread supply chain disruption as well as challenges on technology and system configuration rollout. Maintaining growth in profitability and sustaining it during this period wasn’t easy, but some consulting firms succeeded somehow. How did they managed to do it? In view of these, we've invited Mr. Matthew Hartley, the Founder and Lead Consultant of the very promising startup group from Sydney, Australia most widely known as "Config Consulting" as he walk us through the value proposition of the consulting services of this group of seasoned professionals that focus on the Treasury Management system implementation as well as it significant relevance to our digital economy. Business Website: Matthew Hartley | Founder | Lead Consultant Email:

Mobile: +61 435 089 082    Address:  6 Mount Place, Green Point, NSW, 2251, Australia Consulting Partners: Calvin Pipping Reise Consulting: Founder | Principal Consultant Phone: 778 838 2173 Email: Website:   Tracey Ferguson Knight SAAS-Y Business Consulting

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