Phil Spencer Has Spoken - Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.06.24

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06-02-2024 • 1時間 10分

Blessing and Tim talk Xbox's response to their games coming to other platforms, IGN is unionizing, and we got Nintendo sales numbers! Time Stamps - - Start - Housekeeping A new Kinda Funny podcast is up right now and it’s all about Roger’s almost half marathon and the scandal surrounding it. KFAF is coming back on February 9th for Part 2 of our Anniversary Stream! The photoshop challenge’s theme is “The Future”. Tweet your photoshops @KindaFunnyVids with #KFAF to join in on the fun! The Roper Report  - - Phil has spoken - IGN workers are unionizing, sign the petition here: - Ad - Elden Ring mobile game reportedly under development at Tencent - Latest Nintendo Quarterly Results Reveal 20 Million Zelda Sales - Wee News! - SuperChats - You‘re Wrong Tomorrow’s Hosts: Greg & Bless Learn more about your ad choices. Visit