Xbox Business Update Comes This Thursday… As a Podcast?? - Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.12.24

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12-02-2024 • 1時間 14分

Blessing and Snowbike Mike tackle a HUGE Xbox episode. Let's talk about the update this week, more rumors, and One Piece comning to Fortnite?? Run of Show - - Start - Housekeeping Our Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden review is up right now as a new episode of PS I Love You XOXO. In case you missed it: a new episode of Game Showdown is up right now where I make the crew guess games based on their soundtracks. The Roper Report  - - BREAKING: Xbox Will Talk About Its Future This Thursday - Microsoft Has No Plans to Stop Making Consoles, according to Phil - Starfield Going To Playstation 5 Is False, It’s Claimed - New Data Suggests That PS5 Has Outsold Xbox Series X/S 2-to-1 - Ad - SuperChats! - Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Sparks 'Yellow Paint' Debate Once Again - Helldivers 2 defies studio expectations after selling 1 million copies - One Piece And Final Fantasy Are Reportedly Coming To Fortnite - Wee News! - SuperChats - You‘re Wrong Tomorrow’s Hosts: Greg & Andy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit