CEO of Homeboy Industries - Tom Vozzo

Bigger Talks

28-03-2023 • 51分

Thomas Vozzo is a transformational leader, author, executive and changemaker. Today as the CEO of Homeboy Industries Tom leads his team into embracing and championing core values of kinship, empathy and social justice.

In this episode we discuss...

  • His transition from Executive to CEO of Homeboy
  • Spirituality
  • What "Breaking The Rules" mean
  • Having meaning in what he does outside wealth status
  • Life at Homeboy Industries
  • His book "The Homeboy Way"

Tom's book "The Homeboy Way" outlines an innovative and spiritually-driven path to a new bottom line. Leading with heart, authenticity and purpose, Tom shares invauluable business experience inculding 55 rules to break, bringing the Homeboy Way of life as the perfect antidote to the massive tidal currents of social injustice and inequalities in the workplace.

You can purchase "The Homeboy Way" on Amazon. Follow Homeboy Industries on instagram @HomeboyIndustries.