Steven Izen (Forbes 30 Under 30) - Founder (CEO)of Lokai & Elements of Balance

Bigger Talks

15-03-2023 • 33分

Steven is the CEO of Lokai, each lokai bracelet holds water from Mount Everest and mud from the Dead Sea, the highest and lowest points on earth.

Lokai has sold over 10 million bracelets globally. And has donated over $9 million to charity as part of its 10% of profits to charity pledge.

In this epsiode we talk about...

  • The Universal Human Experience
  • Rational vs. Emotional Decision Making
  • Turning Pain Into Purpose
  • Navigating Life's Inevitable Highs & Lows
  • His Grandfather & Developing Lokai

Follow Steven on Instagram @StevenIzen and get your lokai bracelet @Livelokai and check out his Elements of Balance drink @Elements.