Empowering The Youth & Mental Health with Rashiid Coleman

Bigger Talks

27-11-2023 • 44分

This was an empowering convo with "Somebody's Son," founder Rashiid Coleman.

Rashiid Coleman is a well-known figure in Philadelphia who has dedicated his life to creating environments where people of color can thrive.  Thriving in the leadership and education space throughout his life.

Despite his success, Rashiid noticed a gap in the market - a lack of safe spaces for men of color to express themselves. This realization inspired him to establish Somebody's Son!

In this convo we spoke on...

- Life as Men of Color

- Mental Health

- Empowering The Youth

- Vulnerability

- Being A Dad

- Somebody Son events and details!

Rashiid is also a Father, Videographer, and Entrepreneur.

Follow him on instagram @Rashiid.Marcell as well as @Smbdyson.

Check out his site for more details and info below.