What Makes A Game Retro? w/ Radical Reggie!

Level 857 Video Game Podcast

22-01-2024 • 2時間 30分

We welcome back YouTube content creator Radical Reggie to discuss what retro gaming means to us (in this current modern era) and help us pinpoint when exactly does a game even become retro?

Radical Reggie's a renowned and well respected YouTube Gaming content creator, avid retro game collector, and former army vet, who's success has taken him from commercials to starring in his very own video game! In addition to sharing a background arena with us in Retromania Wrestling (https://www.retromaniawrestling.com), he's also affiliated with likeminded radically charged game enthusiasts as a member of the Metal Jesus Crew and game review click, Media Glitch!

Stay up-to-date Radical Reggie and his latest developments below:



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Level 857 Video Game Podcast Ep-296: What Makes A Game Retro?

00:00 - Intro

05:10 - Games Played Discussion

58:10 - Indie Game of the Week Spotlight - Curse of the Sea Rats

1:02:00 - Sega is Reportedly Working on Panzer Dragoon, Evangelion, and Sakura Wars Games

1:11:00 - Capcom adds new DRM to old PC games, raising worries over mods

1:17:40 - Ubisoft Exec Says Gamers Need To Get Comfortable With "Not Owning Your Games" 1:28:00 - Unannounced Halo Battle Royale Game Has Reportedly Been Canceled

1:36:40 - Break: Game Giveaway Reminder

1:39:43 - What Makes A Game Retro?

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