Do These Games Still Deserve Their Score?

Level 857 Video Game Podcast

14-01-2024 • 2時間 25分

Join us as we dive into the retro libraries of past generations, pull out some classic favorites and ultimately determine if these games deserve to be rated today with the same score they received when they were first released!

Level 857 Video Game Podcast Ep-295: Do These Games Still Deserve Their Score

00:00 - Intro

01:49 - Game Played Discussion

33:44 - Indie Game of the Week Spotlight - Bravery & Greed

38:02 - A 13-year-old in Oklahoma may have just become the 1st person to ever beat Tetris

42:29 - Multiple Sources Indicate Xbox Is Looking To Go Third Party, With Ports In Development For PS5/Switch 2

50:51 - Xbox Tells Baldur's Gate 3 Players Banned For Recording Raunchy Scenes To Stop

53:10 - Marvel's Spider-Man MJ model forced to beg creepy gamers to leave her alone

58:55 - Break: Game Giveaway Reminder

1:03:12 - Do These Games Still Deserve Their Score?

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