Is The Death of Physical Media A Good Thing? w/ Mike Mullis!

Level 857 Video Game Podcast

05-11-2023 • 2時間 26分

Get ready for an exhilarating discussion as we welcome lifelong gamer, Mike Mullis of The Original Next Level Gaming to join us in mourning over the slow, painful yet inevitable decline of gaming physical media and share similar and opposing views over whether this will benefit the gaming industry in the future or ultimately lead to its demise?

In addition to being a relief pitcher in 2K's MLB2K7, Mike Mullis is also an ex gaming journalist, musician, proud father, husband, and lifelong gaming enthusiast who maintains a robust streaming schedule which includes a variety of gaming entertainment that he creates alongside the rest of his comrades-in-arms, who together complete the pieces of The Original Next Level Gaming!

To keep up with Mike and The Original Next Level Gaming's latest developments, check out their links below:

Level 857 Video Game Podcast Ep-285: The Decline of Physical Media: Good or Bad? w/Mike Mullis of Next Level Gaming!

00:00 - Intro

01:45 - Is The Death of Physical Media A Good Thing?

1:41:15 - Batman: Arkham Knight Reportedly Adds, Then Removes, Robert Pattinson's The Batman Suit

1:48:24 - Capcom Releasing 'Unannounced Major Title' by March 2024

1:53:37 - Nintendo patent reveals new dual-screen, detachable console

1:58:50 - PlayStation 6 release date surfaces, fans complain it's 'too early'

2:01:58 - Games Played Discussion

2:22:30 - Game Giveaway Winner Announcement!

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