Behind the Shield - November 2023 Episode

Behind the Shield - A Virtual Guardian Podcast

07-11-2023 • 1時間 5分

November 2023 Episode (Recorded on 11.02.2023) – Special #AIWeek Episode

Expert panelists, including our guest Chris ‘Tito’ Sestino of HiddenLayer, and host Marco Estrela discuss current cybersecurity topics ripped from the headlines.

Hot Topics:  Credit card fraud while traveling; AI generated phishing attacks, Johnson Controls Breach, Emerging AI Regulations & Effects

Spotlight: “Securing AI Innovation: Safeguarding AI Amid Emerging Threats” - Chris Sestito, Co-founder & CEO of HiddenLayer, a cybersecurity start-up dedicated to preventing adversarial artificial intelligence attacks.


Topic 1: Credit card fraud and tips for guarding credit cards while traveling.

Source: N/A

Topic 2: Bill

Article title: AI generates convincing phising attacks


Topic 3: Patrick

Article title: Jonhson Controls breach


Topic 4: Tito

Article title: Emerging AI Regulations & Its Effect on Innovation

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