Behind the Shield - August 2023

Behind the Shield - A Virtual Guardian Podcast

10-08-2023 • 1時間 1分

August 2023 Episode (Recorded on 8.3.2023)

Hot Topics: Cybersecurity labeling for smart devices, New 4-Day disclosure requirement by SEC, Chinese Malware’s Potential Impacts to US, WormGPT, JumpCloud hack linked to North Korea, US’s Data Breach Record

Extras:  Rapid Fire Q&A for the panel; Remembering Kevin Mitnick, 1990s “Most Wanted Computer Outlaw”


Topic 1: Patrick #1

Article title: Cybersecurity labeling for smart devices aims to help people choose those less vulnerable to hacking


Topic 2: Bob #1

Article title: SEC now requires companies to disclose cyberattacks in 4 days


Topic 3: Bill #1

Article title: Chinese Malware Could Cut Power To U.S. Military Bases, Businesses And Homes, Report Claims


Topic 4: Patrick #2

Article title: WormGPT: New AI Tool Allows Cybercriminals to Launch Sophisticated Cyber Attacks


Topic 5: Bob #2

Article title: JumpCloud hack linked to North Korea after OPSEC mistake


Topic 6: Bill #2

Article title: US on Track For Record Number of Data Breaches