Behind the Shield - Sept 2023

Behind the Shield - A Virtual Guardian Podcast

26-09-2023 • 50分

September 2023 Episode (Recorded on 9.21.2023)

Expert panelists and host Marco Estrela discuss current cybersecurity topics ripped from the headlines.

Hot Topics: MGM and Caesar’s Cyberattack, TransUnion Data stolen, Microsoft AI Employee Accidental Leak, Canadian Airports DOS, Clorox Breach

Extras:  CISCO’s $28B purchase of SPLUNK, NaviLogic’s name change to Virtual Guardian


Topic 1: Bill #1

Article title: MGM and Caesar’s cyberattack


Topic 2: Patrick #1

Article title: Law 25 Event in Montreal

Source: N/A

Topic 3: Marco #1

Article title: TransUnion data stolen, but they say their weren’t hacked!


Topic 4: Bill #2

Article title: Microsoft AI Employee Accidentally Leaks 38TB of Data


Topic 5: Patrick #2

Article title: Source: Canadian Airports DOS


Topic 6: Marco #2

Article title: Clorox Breach