ATP 3-21.8 Infantry Platoon Squad AUDIO BOOK

ATP 3-21.8 Infantry Platoon and Squad

14-06-2021 • 2時間 19分

Chapter 1 ORGANIZATION ATP 3-21.8 provides the doctrinal framework for all Infantry platoons and squads. It provides techniques for employment of Infantry platoons and squads in conducting decisive actions. The Infantry platoon and squad is an all-weather, all-terrain unit. Against this backdrop, the Infantry platoon and squad must be ready to adapt to various levels of conflict and peace in various environments. This requires bold, aggressive, resourceful, and adaptive leaders– leaders of character, competence and commitment - who are willing to accept known risks to accomplish the mission. Infantry leaders must use their initiative and make rapid decisions to take advantage of unexpected opportunities.  Best you pay attention to this stuff like your life depends on it, cause it just might. Enter the word "Chapter" in the search field to hear the next chapter. This title does not yet have a commercial sponsor. If your company would like to sponsor this title, please contact us on