Reflections on March Madness - Same Ish, Different Day Ep. 96

Same Ish, Different Day

02-05-2023 • 1時間 26分

If you watching this because of basketball ... got you. Actually, we be reflecting on a marathon of content we recently completed which saw us truly test out our capacity of creators. This is our podcast - Same Ish, Different Day - where our crew gets down on a more personal level. Interested in more from us? be sure to check the linktree below because we make a whole spread of content. -- ABOUT MARCHING INTO MADNESS -- Marching into Madness leaves its trail across the internet with the (so-called) journalism experience of its’ hosts - Raza Malik & Bayley Nargang - to disseminate information at inhuman speeds. We bring you true variety content in a spread of mediums. Join us as we march into madness so you don't have too. -- DOWNLOAD ON SPOTIFY -- --- SUBSCRIBE TO OUR TWITCH --- Same Ish, Different Day Live Streams Mondays @ 7 PM Antique Roadshow 2.0 Tuesdays @ 11 AM Gaming Live Streams on Fridays @ 9 PM -- SOCIALS -- Follow Marching into Madness on Instagram at: Follow Marching into Madness on Tik Tok at: Follow Bayley on Instagram at: Follow Raza on Instagram at: -- GRAPHICS SUPPORT -- @EarthtoElize Thank you so very much for watching and even reading this far. | Marching into Madness | Reflections on our March Madness Marathon - Same Ish, Different Day Ep. 96 |