55+ Digital Nomad: Learning New Tricks

Mobile Diaries

23-06-2022 • 29分

Our joyful protagonist, Siobhan Farr, yearned for an exciting life of travel. But, like so many of us, tied down by the realities of everyday work and life, that desire was mostly teased through an annual scheduled vacation and the occasional business trip. But then a light bulb went off for this intrepid traveller: As someone who worked for a company that was based on a digital platform, she already had everything she needed to work remotely from somewhere other than her living room: a phone, a laptop and 5G network and international data plan to boot. And then off Siobhan went too, leaving everything else behind. As a working woman over 55, Siobhan was determined to show the world that “digital nomading” wasn’t just a young person’s game.

In this episode, Shawna and Jason observe the growing parade of mobile-minded travel enthusiasts who are embracing today’s work-from-anywhere ethos. Along the way, they reveal how wireless technology is making working from sun-soaked beaches and mountain peaks more attainable than ever for your average nine-to-fiver.Mobile Diaries is brought to you by T-Mobile Stories.