Embracing Where You Have Been is the Power to Get Where You are Going, with Lia Valencia Key

Stop Faking Fine

15-06-2022 • 43分

EP05. Growing up in a homeless shelter, in an environment Lia describes as hopelessness, Lia Valencia Key had every reason to shrink into a mentality of faking fine.  She shares her experiences of all things being possible through the energy in which you choose to radiate. We might not be able to control our current predicament, but the one thing we do have control of is what we choose to emit from the inside out.

Lia is the creator of the Valencia Key jewelery brand. She calls the line “wearable joy.” As an inspirational speaker she has graced the stage with Ed Mylett, Brendan Buchard, and Tony Robbins.

Tune in as Lia shares her key strategies for speaking words of life into your situation; and let’s soar together!

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