Improving Cyber Hygiene Across the Federal Government P3 of 3


16-08-2023 • 17分

Today’s program is the third in a three part discussion with DHS CISO Ken Bible on industry collaboration with DHS to improve cyber hygiene across the federal government, deliver security and mission successes, implementing zero trust, and new concepts concerning risk management.

The panel covered a range of important areas related to implementing zero trust including the biggest remaining challenges, how guidance from OMB has matured, and the evolution of the risk management concept when it comes to federal networks.

Featuring Ken Bible, CISO of the Department of Homeland Security, and Mike Epley, Chief Architect and Security Strategist at Red Hat, and moderated by Rob Palmer, CTO of ShorePoint Technology.

This program was recorded in conjunction with the HSDF policy symposium, the Evolution of Federal Cybersecurity on June 21, 2023.

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