Episode 20 (December 2017)

VidMag Television on the Radio

04-12-2017 • 1時間 33分

This month's episode is a mixed bag of styles featuring:

Billy Lohr: Showdown (from 'Billy Lohr')
Admiral: A Taste Of Honey (from their EP)
Sputnik: Love Is All Around (from 'I, Cosmonaut')
Alex Bevan: Warrior's Heart (from the Little Fish Records compilation)
Moon the Giant: Fruit (from the 'Crooked River Groove' compilation)
Xe La: Sacred Clown (from the 'Crooked River Groove' compilation)
The Janglers: Easy Pickins (from the 'Clearing the Air' compilation)
The Alarm Clocks: Nobody But You (from 'The Time Has Come')
Michael Stanley Band: Midwest Midnight (Live)
Peter Laughner: Don't Take Your Love Away (from 'Take the Guitar Player for a Ride')
MIchael Rotman: Do You See Me? (from 'Windswept Dog')
The Robert Bensick Band: French Pictures In London (from 'French Pictures')
The Lost Souls: It's About Time For A Change (from 'The Lost Souls')
Byron Nemeth Group: I Am The Walrus
Cy Vereshack: Leave It All Behind
Jeff Varga: 6 Pack And 6 String
Alex Madej: Laficadio (The Lion) (from '12.21.31' EP)
The Pony Boys: Don't Love Me In Vain (from 'Rondelets and Murder Hymns)
Scott Pickering: Problems In The Light (from 'Nervous Buildings')
Stacie Collins: Lucky Spot (from 'The Lucky Spot')
Doug Gillard: No Perspective (from 'On Parade')
The Squires: Batmobile (Single)
Johnny Fortune: Dragster (Single)
The Missing Lynx: Behind Closed Doors (Single)
The Tree Stumps: Jennie Lee (Single)
The Munx: Our Dream (Single)
The Richard Whittington Adventure: Longtime Wait (Single)
Don Dixon: Heart In A Box (from the 'Crooked River Groove' compilation)
Cindy MacKay: Winterlude