Episode 29 (April 2019) - The Political Episode

VidMag Television on the Radio

02-04-2019 • 1時間 39分

Well, it was just gonna be a matter of time before I put together a political episode so here it is. KICK OUT THE JAMS MOTHER.....................

THE CLEVELAND STEAMERS: Trump Up The Jam (Exclusive alt demo version)
VIOLET RAY: Alternative Facts (from 'Violet Ray')
ANGELLE SHERIDAN: Pink Houses / Changin' Times (Live)
IDIOT SAVANTS: Society Sucks (Demo)
ZERO DEFEX: 1984 The War (DEmo)
URBAN MUTANTS: American Moral Disease (Demo)
THE ARK BAND: People Of The World
F-MODELS: Russia Rocks (Single)
LAZY ASS DESTROYER: Society (Single)
DRUNK BUSEYS: Dead Cop (from 'Mad Everything')
THE 5: Napalm Beach (Single)
BIG WOW: Us Against Them
BONGOS: C.I.A. (Live)
CD TRUTH: G-Men (from 'Seedy')
JACCUSE: War Tomorrow (Demo)
THE MICE: Not Proud Of The USA (from 'Scooter')
indian rope burn: Which Oswald Acted Alone
CIVILIAN TERRORISTS: Jerry-Atrick For President (from 'We Start Bombing in 5 Minutes')
JIPPO: Portable War (from 'We Start Bombing in 5 Minutes')
PESTILENCE: Democracy (from 'We Start Bombing in 5 Minutes')
PLAGUE: Fascist Order (from 'We Start Bombing in 5 Minutes')
GOLGOTHA: Political Silence
THE PAGANS: Dead End America (from the 'Cleveland Rarities' comp)
MYSTIK: Politically Incorrect (from the 'Dark Empire Strikes Back' comp)
SOSUMI: Nuke 'Em All (from the 'Join Rivers: Can We "Listen"?' comp)
JIMI FAHENSTOCK: People With The Power (from the 'New Cleveland Greenlight Sampler comp)
THE HUMAN BEINZ: April 15th (from 'Evolutions')
THE CLEVELAND STEAMERS: MAGA (Exclusive alt demo version)