Episode 21 (January 2018) Best of 2017

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02-01-2018 • 1時間 45分

For the start of the new year I thought I'd put together a show of the best of the music that I got in 2017.

VANITY CRASH (from Phantasmagoria): Phantasmagoria & Life On A Cool Curve
fits of hail (from their Belmore EP): Clutter & Brandywines
AUTOMATIK EDEN (from their Madland album): Love (ft Carlos Jones live) & Open
BEST OF NONE (from their Dystopia album): Eye Can See & I Survive
ALAN MADEJ (from his Mokele Mbembe single): Mokele Mbembe & Ladilol (Live)
CELLOPHANE JANE: Mazarine (from their Dandy Boho EP) & Six To Five (from The Open Door to the Sun)
DUO DECIBEL SYSTEM (Live): Freight Train & Radio 'Tell Me'
BLACK DEATH RESURRECTED (From their Return of the Iron Messiah album): The Mandrake & Low Axe
VULGAR DEVILS (from their Vulgar Devils album): Slumpbuster & Come And Get It
HELICASE (from their Helicase EP): Evolve & Masquerade
STATE OF BEING (from their album The Misinformation Age): Newsfeed Zombie & Signs
THE RICK RAY BAND (from their Killing Time album): Hologram & Momentary Realm
THE TUFTED PUFFINS (from their single): Messin; Up My Mind & Faded Blue

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!