Episode 19 (November 2017)

VidMag Television on the Radio

08-11-2017 • 1時間 52分

I first saw The Pagans on Hallowee'n 1978 and filmed their 1986 reunion concert in Cleveland. Then, just before Hallowe'en this year, Mike Hudson, founder and lead singer of the Pagans lost his battle with cancer that hadn't been diagnosed before he had been rushed to hospital that Friday night. Here then is a fitting tribute to one of the original punk rock stars in Cleveland (unless otherwise noted the songs came from the album Everybody Hates You), along with a whole lot of other classic punk from the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Cry 815 (Earth Boy Dream Of Angel)
Cleveland Confidential (Real World)
Dead End America
Street Where Nobody Lives (from The Pink Album Plus)
What's This Shit Called Love? (from The Pink Album Plus)
MIKE HUDSON: Hollywood High (from Hollywood High)
Detention Home
Fame Whore
Death Letter
PAGANS: When I Die
MIRRORS: Shirley (from Something That Would Never Do (1974-75))
FLOYDBAND: Love Ain't Worth A Dime (from The Secret to Our Suckcess)
CLUB WOW: A Million Miles Away (from Nowhere Fast)
DEADBEAT POETS: The Psychedelic Gas Station (from Hallelujah Anyway!)
BLUE ASH: Smash My Guitar (from No More, No Less)
TEACHER'S PET: Hooked On You
ELECTRIC EELS: Bunnies (Single)
THE VIVIANS: Bloodbath (EP)
HAMMER DAMAGE: Nervous (Single)
CLOCKS: Ticktockman (Single)
LES RAVING SOUNDS: Empty Bottles (Close The Door) (Single)
X__X: Approaching The Minimal With Sprayguns (Single)
PETER LAUGHNER: Cinderella Backstreet (Single)
TIN HUEY: English Kids (Single)
IMPALERS: Hit And Run (from Cleveland Confidential)
BRONCS: Tele-K-Killing (Single)
CHRONICS: Test Tube Babies (Single)
LEPERS: Light Up A Pack (EP)
PRESSLER-MORGAN ONE PLUS ONE: You're Gonna Watch Me (from Extermination Nights in the Sixth City)
THE BIZARROS: Ice Age (from Extermination Nights in the Sixth City)
EASTER MONKEYS: Ouija Board (from Splendor of Sorrow)
KNEECAPPERS: All The Kids Wanna Dance (Live)
PINK HOLES: Love You Bet! (from From the Eerie Shore)
HOSTILE OMISH: Skulls (from Plugged)
CHEETAH CHROME: Rollin' Voodoo (ft. Sylvain Sylvain) (from Solo)