Episode 38 (September 2020)

VidMag Television on the Radio

02-09-2020 • 2時間 8分

Back to our normal format this month with a lot of cool new music mixed in with a lot of cool old music from the Cleveland/Akron/Kent area.

We start with new music from local legend Harvey Gold, Stranahan/Hovancsek/Haluska and the Stranahan/Haluska Duo and my own project, A.S. (AfterStockhausen).

HALF CLEVELAND: Your Side Of The Room (from It's Messy, Vol. 1)
BOLD CHICKEN: Oh Doctor, Please! (from Bold Chicken)
A.S. (AfterStockhausen): The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (21st Century) (Single)
F-MODELS: Russia Rocks (Single)
HIRAM MAXIM: Drown (from Aquabear Legion Volume 7)
TEACHER'S PET: Hooked On You (Single)
BRIAN SANDS: Shoeater (from Reheated Chocolate Tangos)
BITCHSEAT: Bitchseat (from Grow Up)
anitakeys: Serenade Of The Sky (from Twenty Twelve)
DUO DECIBEL SYSTEM: Delta Waves (from Slow Wave)
STRANAHAN/HOVANCSEK/HALUSKA: Radio Waves (from Electromagnetic Afternoon)
MIRTH CO-LIBERATION PROJECT: Juju (from Part 1 - Wayne Shorter)
NIGHT TERRORS: Distorted Reality (from Night Terrors)
JAZZ CATS: Discoarse (from Broken Streams of Consciousness)
HARVEY IN THE HALL: Lazy Boy (ft. Dan Auerbach (from It's Messy, Vol. 1)
DOLLI GOLD: Lemon Beasley 1 (Single)
C.D. TRUTH: C.D. Truth's Unfinishded Blasphemy (from C.D. Truth)
A.S. (AfterStockhausen): Cohesion (Single)
STRANAHAN/HALUSKA DUO: Fire (from Stranahan/Haluska Duo)

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