Episode 24 (September 2018) A Tribute to Those We've Lost

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04-09-2018 • 1時間 41分

This special episode is a tribute to those many artists (and one night club) we've lost.

We begin with Brian Sands, a quiet and interesting musician who was the creator of the first-ever David Bowie fan club, which got him noticed by Bowie and they got to meet on his first US tour that began here in Cleveland. There's also a tribute to John Korosec, the original bass player for The Plague and Defnics. Also gone but represented here are Mike Hudson (Les Raving Sounds), Jimmy Armstrong (Pony Boys) and Larry Lewis (Faith Academy).

And, finally, with the closing of the last of the original clubs that booked original music, The Phantasy Nite Club, we pay tribute by featuring Floydband and Death of Samantha (featuring Doug Gillard of Guided by Voices), who played the final show at the club on the 2nd of this month.

BRIAN SANDS: The Day The Elves Could Fly, Orangutango, White Chocolate and Shoeater (from Reheated Chocolate Tangos)
BRIAN SANDS: Dialogue In Limbo, Slippery Stones Of Dovedale, Windmills Of Time (from Fixation)
THE REPTILES: Man Evolved From Amps (from Some Bad News Called The Reptiles)
FLOYDBAND: Dance Yourself To Death (Live)
DOUG GILLARD: Angel X (from On Parade)
DEATH OF SAMANTHA: What Makes A Man A Man? (Live)
45 SPIDER: Frankenboy (from Bloodbath of Fuzz)
THE UNINSPIRED 5: On Being Human (Demo)
CLEVELAND STEAMERS: Ten Years In Cleveland (from Who's Next)
STARVATION ARMY: Political Song/Fill In The Blanks (from The New Hope, Vol. 1)
BWAK DWAGON: Crimson Fire (from Plum Island)
OFFBEATS: Do You Know Bob Sablack? (Live)
PITCH BLACK FORECAST: Atonement (from As the World Burns)
MIRRORS: All My Life (Something That Would Never Do (1974-75)
LES RAVING SOUNDS: Empty Bottles (Close The Door) (EP)
KNEECAPPERS: All The Kids Wanna Dance (Live)
MONSTER IN THE CITY: Knight Of Rods (from Abandon)
PLASMA ALLIANCE: Please Peace (Live)
MONTE CARMONT N WHAT 4: Think Dance (Live)
THE PONY BOYS: My Orange Flower (from Rondolets & Murder Hymns)
DEATH ON A STICK: Looking Lizards (from Industrial Strength Jazz)
CRYBABIES WITH BRASSHOLES: I Need You (from DIY Demo Tape '85, '86, '87)
LAB RATS: Cover Song/End Of Side 1 (from Cleveland Confidential)
CHILDREN'S CRUSADE: Lurker On The Threshold (from A Duty Dance With Death)
FAITH ACADEMY: As Tears Go By (Live)
DEFNICS: 51% (Single)

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