Episode 32 (September 2019)

VidMag Television on the Radio

09-09-2019 • 1時間 41分

This episode features some special content. First of all, there is a mini-tribute to Peter Laughner, a creative genius and founding member of the seminal pre-punk band Rocket from the Tombs and what can, I guess, be called the alt-folk band Cinderella Backstreet. He was generally considered a tortured soul who committed suicide in the late 1970s, leaving behind a large body of work including demos and live recordings. Though he never released an official album during his lifetime, there are many things available through other sources, including a brilliant new five-disc box set that was just released by Smog Veil Records, which has collected pretty much everything that he recorded with various incarnations of his bands and solo demos.

This episode also includes some new and old selections of alt-pop, indie bands, experimental and free-jazz.

MEG & THE MAGNETOSPHERE: Dragons (from 'Meg & the Magnetosphere' EP)
indian rope burn: Two Steps (from 'indian rope burn')
CATS ON HOLIDAY: Whiskey Island (from 'Livin' Life and Lovin' It')
PETER LAUGHNER: Sylvia Plath (Demo ft Albert Dennis) (from the Smog Veil box)
Down At The Bar (Live) (ft Deborah Smith) (from the Smog Veil box)
Baudelaire (Demo ft. Albert Dennis) (from the Smog Veil box)
THE ORIGINAL WOLVERINES: Solomon's Mines (from the Smog Veil box)
PETER LAUGHNER: Cinderella Backstreet (from 'Take the Guitar Player for a Ride')
PAUL STRANAHAN: What's That? (from 'Journey to Planet Gong')
GAIA AVATARA: Awaken: a) Dawn b) Shiva's Dance c) Sunrise d) Mindtalk e) Full Moon Solos (Live)
NIGHT TERRORS: Bap Boom Boom (Pts. 1-6: Intro/Main Theme/Release/Climbing/Out to Theme) (Live)
CuDa TRIO: St. Agata

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