Episode 23 (July-August 2018)

VidMag Television on the Radio

23-07-2018 • 1時間 43分

It's been awhile since I put together an episode, kicked off by a broken computer. I've finally gotten caught up on everything and it's time for a new episode, and this is a great one, packed full of lost gems along with some newer stuff.

Hawkwind Lives!
Li'l Lisa
IMPALERS: Hit & Run (Single)
ELECTRIC EELS: Agitated (Single)
LEPERS: Coitus Interruptus (Ode to Larry Flynt) (Single)
MIRRORS: Shirley (Single)
JAZZ DESTROYERS: Love Means To Die (from Extermination Nights in the Sixth City compilation)
PETER & THE WOLVES: Rock It Down (from Cleveland Rarities compilation)
DUO DECIBEL SYSTEM: Progress Report (from the Slow Wave album)
MISS MELVIS: Beautiful (from the Deep Inside album)
DEATH ON A STICK: Going Back To Cleveland (Pts 1 & 2) (from the Industrial Strength Jazz '85, '86, '87)
INSANITY & THE KILLERS: I Saw My Baby Kissing Aliens (from The Killers album)
KNEECAPPERS: All The Kids Wanna Dance (Live)
KIRKENDAHL VOYD: Tremont Girl (from the Graveyard A-Go-Go album)
ALAN MADEJ: A Thousand Snowflakes (A Billion Stars) (from the 12/21/13 EP)
CELLOPHANE JANE: Six To Five (from The Open Door to the Sun album)
KRYPTON MONKEYS: Breaking All The Rules (from the Crush album)
PITCH BLACK FORECAST: Season In Hell (from the As the World Burns album)
MY DAD IS DEAD: Fireball (from the Peace, Love and Murder album)
DOUG GILLARD: Angel X (from the On Parade album)
CLUB WOW: Terminal Town (from the Nowhere Fast EP)
MORTICIA'S CHAIR: Softlight Sublime (from Music from The Psychic Shopping Club compilation)
GUNNBLUE: By Any Other Name (from the From the Eerie Shore compilation)
SOSUMI: Miss Personality (from Cleveland Music Group '91 sampler)
EASTER MONKEYS: Nailed To The Cross (Live ft Anton Fier)
NEW SALEM WITCH HUNTERS: (It Seems Like) Summer's Here At Last (from their self-titled album)