Episode 31 - The Geographic Episode (August 2019)

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01-08-2019 • 1時間 39分

With summer vacations in full swing I thought I'd put together an episode that features vacation spots around the world - and a few places people might NOT want to visiit.

THE RICK RAY BAND: The Room Went Dark (from Dark Matter Hole)
THE MONITORS: In Russia (from The Monitors)
THE COWSLINGERS: Mexican Blackbird
SLAVE CAVE: Ohio (Demo)
MIRRORS: Going To Wyoming (from Something That Would Never Do: 1974-75)
INSANITY & THE KILLERS: NYC (from the Throwaway World EP)
COBRA VERDE: Chinese Radiation (from Egomania Love Songs)
BLUTO'S REVENGE: Great Niagara (from When Obsession Leads to Unemployment)
BIZARROS: Desert Shore (Live)
FLEXABLE SHIRLEY: Texa-Mexa Mania (from Surely Flexible)
TEACHER'S PET: Cincinnati Stomp
THE NELSONS: Detroit (Live)
THE BUZZ CLIC ADVENTURE: California (from Escape from Bolivia)
F-MODELS: New York City
HOME AND GARDEN: Greenland (from the From the Eerie Shore compilation)
2 WIDE 4 LIPPS: California Dreamin' (from High and Tight)
terrible parade: big world (from A Crown O'Stars: The Songs of Alan Grandy)
CLAUDIA MILLER: Woodstock (Live)
CHARLIE MOSBROOK: Erie Shore (from Something to Believe)
MO' MOJO MAMA: Hello Cleveland (from Been Through So Much Together: The Songs of John Bassette)
UNDER THE TREE: Colorado (from Been Through So Much Together: The Songs of John Bassette)
CARLOS JONES: Cleveland Beat
J.R. BLESSINGTON: Jamaica, Jamaica
CRAIG ROBERTSON: Blue Amazon (from Pan American)

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