Episode 30 (June 2019)

VidMag Television on the Radio

04-06-2019 • 1時間 41分

Opening this episode is a special public service tune about the warning signs of a stroke. The performers are part of a non-profit called Refresh Collective and this is a very important issue, as a stroke can come out of nowhere.

DEE JAY DOC & PAT W.: The Stroke Song (F.A.S.T.)
SONIC SKY: Tremors (from Tremors EP)
SCOTT PICKERING: Angry Supermarkets (from Nervous Buildings)
NUMBSKULL: Martian Love (from Dale is My GURU)
THE AVONDALES: Road Head (Single)
DRUNK BUSEYS: Playing Possum (from Mad Everything)
ZERO DEFEX: This Means War (from Garbage, Inc. Rent Party)
DEAD MAN'S FINGERS: Ancient Lullabye (from Dead Man's Fingers EP)
NEW SALEM WITCH HUNTERS: (It Seems Like) Summer's Here At Last (from New Salem Witch Hunters)
THE DIFFI-CULT: The Keys (from Steve-O's Odd Sox compilation)
ALLEN RAVENSTINE: Star-Crossed (from The Pharoah's Bee)
PINK HOLES: Lizzards Are Tough (from Shed Your Pride compilation)
BEATNIK TERMITES: Termite Hop (from Taste the Sand)
BLACK STATIC EYE: My Happy Hour (from The Confession Box)
BWAK DWAGON: Manittuwond (from Plum Island)
THE DISSIDENTS: Dead Air (from Conformity is Deformity)
CHROME KICKERS: There Goes The Graveyard (from Bring Your Doom)
BORN DEPRIVED: Vaped Out (from Born Deprived)
BITCHSEAT: Lakewood Park (from Grow Up)
MONTE CARMONT: Neat, Clean, Perfect (Live)
LUCKY PIERRE: Idlewood (Single)
RAVEN SLAUGHTER BAND: Cleveland, I Luv Ya (Single)
PITCH BLACK FORECAST: Lighthouse (from As the World Burns)
MIRRORS: She Smiled Wild (from Hands in My Pockets)
PUBLIC DISPLAY OF INFECTION: Psycho Hippy Chick (from Cheap Therapy)
FRANK SECICH: A Million Miles Away (Live)
X__X: Weirdo (1978 Demo)
EX-ASTRONAUT: Summertime (from Modern Love)
STRANGE MESSENGER: (from Strange Messenger EP)

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