073. Navigating Grief & Trauma After Pregnancy Loss with Sky Edwards

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03-11-2021 • 17分

Meet Sky Edwards! Sky is a Self Love Activist and a “Chronic Over-sharer.” She started “Capricious Fitness” as a way to navigate her ever-changing relationship with her body through life, loss, and motherhood while inspiring and challenging other women and the fitness industry to do the same.

In today’s episode Sky shares:

  • Her story of opening up after the loss of her daughter is an important way for her to be okay. Finding validation in her grief and wearing her vulnerabilities on her sleeve has given her the strength to move forward in life, and find connections with others.
  • How when you go through trauma, change is necessary. Those changes may be big or small, but they give you what you need in order to live a fulfilled life. The changes you go through will help you navigate what your calling will be.
  • How you aren’t alone in your grief, you aren’t doing it wrong. Grief is messy.

Would you like to connect with Sky?

You can find her online @ https://capriciousfitness.com/

On Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/capricious_fitness/

And on Facebook @ https://m.facebook.com/capriciousfitness/

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