079. Butterfly Strong with Patti Moloney

SHE SPEAKS by GCW Publishing House

17-12-2021 • 12分

Meet Patti Moloney! She is co-founder of DimplesCharms.com, a successful custom jewelry company, alongside her husband. For a long time, Patti believed that being sensitive was a liability until she realized that true strength is found in embracing your fragility and softheartedness. Patti employs her master’s degree in Counselling Psychology to help people lean into their subtle strengths, reframe what they believe are weaknesses, and live and lead with heart to build a stronger world.

In today’s episode Patti shares:

  • How society pushes the narrative that strength lies in physical power, but believes this idea is outdated and a limited view of the truth.
  • “Butterfly Strong” is the idea that butterflies, with their fragile wings, travel 1000s of kms and overcome obstacles, persevere. One doesn’t need to be confident and assertive in order to be strong.
  • Her journey into business and how she learned to stay in tune to her intuition to make good business ideas. She wasn’t the confident, assertive business owner she saw in so many others, and discusses how she learned to embrace her humility, vulnerability, and empathy in business.
  • How important it is to be your true authentic self, and allow our differences to be our strengths.

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