076. Pub Chat with Shannon Miller - Lindsay Anderson & Sarah Vaill-Ciano

SHE SPEAKS by GCW Publishing House

08-12-2021 • 37分

It’s time for another pub chat with Shannon Miller!  Join Shannon today as she has an open conversation with two of our authors here at GCW Publishing. Lindsay Anderson and Sarah Vaill-Ciano both wrote in Shes Is Strong and Free II, and are also lead authors in She is Enough and She is Just Getting Started.

In this round table discussion, Shannon asks our authors to share;

  • Their success in going from a co-author to a lead author, and what that meant to them
  • How they were encouraged by the other authors in speaking their difficult stories, and
  • what it was like to see them grow and bloom
  • Their own personal growth that has happened in their lives since sharing their stories, including personal hardships and how the community supported them
  • The importance of seasons and recognizing what season you are in
  • And much more…

Would you like to connect with these authors online?

You can find them at:

Lindsay Anderson on Instagram @mycorecollective

Sarah Vail-Ciano @ @thisissarah.vc

To grab your own copies of She Is Enough and She Is Just getting Started please reach out to Lindsay or Sarah to purchase!

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