063. I Am Capable and Worthy of an Extraordinary Life with Sara Glendenning

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23-06-2021 • 14分

Meet Sara! Sara is an author in She is Strong and Free III and registered nurse. Diagnosed with a learning disability at a young age, Sara began hiding from the world, afraid of not being capable or worthy of achieving her goals. Recently Sara has realized her worth and how truly capable she is. She now genuinely believes the life of her dreams is possible. Sara has made it her mission to inspire others to overcome the fear of others' judgment and show up as their true selves to live the life of their dreams.

Some of the amazing things you’ll take away from Sara's episode are:

  1. The belief that you are the only person that can decide what you are capable of achieving
  2. The confidence to embrace your failures and see them as lessons in your growth not definitions of who you are
  3. Why believing in yourself is the key to overcoming adversity to live the life of your dreams

Sara asks some really thought provoking questions today, and we encourage you to write these questions down and dive into them for your own personal growth and learning. And if you liked this episode, please be sure to send us a five star rating and review on iTunes to help us reach more listeners.

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