069 - Stepping into Greatness and Making My Life My Message with Raya Karin

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04-08-2021 • 13分

Meet Raya Karin! Raya is a woman of many roles. She juggles them with confidence and grace, something she has done from a very young age.  Raised in Northern British Columbia, Canada, on a beautiful horse farm, Raya is inspired by spending time barefoot on the earth, playing in the rain, wandering the trails with her animals, exploring the vast natural spaces, and staying in touch with her child-like earth girl soul. Raya is also an author in our upcoming book, She Grieves, which will be starting presale on August 30th!

In today’s episode Raya shares:

  • How a diagnosis of dyslexia and ADHD as a child would not define who she is in her life
  • How we can look back on the things we have gone through in life and see them as tools, not struggles, that can be used for ourselves and others
  • Why it’s important to feel the emotions in the difficult times you encounter, AND still stand up for yourself and believe that you can achieve anything you desire
  • And so much more

Would you like to connect with Raya? You can find her online at www.rayaswellness.com

On instagram at http:www.Instagram.com/raya_karin and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/raya.karin.79

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