067. Birth, Burnout, & How I Found My Bliss with Nadine Robinson

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21-07-2021 • 20分

Meet Nadine Robinson! Nadine was a midwife for almost 20 years. Catching babies and serving birthing families was her passion. When Nadine burnt out, it was a long, slow burn that left her debilitated emotionally, physically and spiritually. From the deep grief of her lost identity, she shifted and founded Peace Healing Wellness, a holistic women's wellness practice that inspires wild women to heal their wounds and live the life of their dreams! She is the Creatrix of the Wild Medicine Healer's Training, an 18 month program that provides effective and ethical healing tools and most importantly, she is a grandmother to 3 wonderful grand babies.

In today's episode Nadine shares;

  • Her story of becoming a mother, a midwife and a business owner that slowly became burnt out and had to find the part of herself she felt she lost

  • How burnout can be incredibly difficult to identify and it's effects on us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually

  • Inspiration to help you realize that you can repurpose your old skills in a new way and have more than 1 dream job!

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