077. Empowerment After Addiction with Kristina Margaret

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10-12-2021 • 12分

Meet Kristina Margaret! Kristina is a sobriety and empowerment coach for women who want to quit drinking and live their lives from a place of empowerment.

In today’s episode Kristina shares:

  • Her journey to become sober and empowered, and how she sometimes found herself more oppressed in traditional groups such as AA which affirmed the shame and guilt she felt.
  • How the more traditional roads to recovery are not all one size fits all, and how she took radical responsibility for her own life and recovery.
  • How your gut feelings, your will, and determination all breed from your gut (your third chakra) and your mind (your Third Eye), and what happens if we are disconnected from these.
  • Her belief that using traditional systems to recovery, with its focus on negative beliefs of ourselves, can leave us suffering rather than thriving.
  • What happens if you drop the idea of being “an addict”, and how that can lead to freedom

Would you like to connect with Kristina?

You can find her online @ https://www.kristinamargaret.com/

On Instagram @the_goddess_conjurer

And on Facebook @ Kristina Margaret Coaching

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