066. Power, Passion, & Purpose: The Story of How I Reclaimed Them All with Laura Lorentz

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14-07-2021 • 18分

Meet Laura Lorentz! Laura is a high performance coach helping female business leaders unlock their limitless potential. She believes that everything you need to live a purposeful and impactful life is within you. Laura shows her clients through Human Design & Mindset work that anything they desire is possible.

In today’s episode Laura shares;

  • Her story of learning about Human Design and how it completely changed the trajectory of her personal life and her business.
  • A little break down of what human design is and how learning about your specific design and becoming more self aware can help unlock your power and potential
  • How she worked to reframe her thoughts about her perceived failures and began to see them for the lessons they were, AND the important reasons they happened!
  • And much more…

Laura’s episode and story about how she unleashed her true power and potential in her business and personal life is so intriguing.

Want to connect with Laura online and learn more about your human design?

You can find her on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/lauralorentzcoaching/ or check out her website at www.lauralorentz.com.

Get a jump start on learning about your specific Human Design by heading over to mybodygraph.com

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