080. Pub Chat with Shannon Miller - She Grieves

SHE SPEAKS by GCW Publishing House

22-12-2021 • 31分

It’s time for another pub chat with Shannon Miller!  Join Shannon today as she has an open conversation with two of our authors here at GCW Publishing, Brenda Wiese and Courtney McCrea, who both wrote in She Greives.

In this round table discussion, Shannon asks our authors to share;

  • How they found the bravery to share their grief journey, and how they found the strength to write through their unresolved trauma.
  • How they survived their catastrophic grief and how writing this book helped them process some of it.
  • How this book can resonate with so many people because there are 18 women’s grief journeys, which means the reader will be able to digest this book slowly and resonate with different aspects of grief.
  • What their biggest takeaways were from their grief journeys.
  • And much more…

Would you like to connect with these authors online?

You can find them at:

Brenda Wiese

Instagram: @brendawiese

Courtney McCrea:

Instagram: @courtneymccrea.habitcoach

To grab your own copy of She Grieves please reach out to Brenda or Courtney to purchase!

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