071. Every Body Holds A Story with Sue Ruhe

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18-08-2021 • 14分

Meet Sue Ruhe! Sue is an Intuitive Myofascial Release Therapist, who taps into the physical and emotional traumas that lie deep within our cells. She has been evolving her practice for over 13 years, helping her clients shift restricted areas found within the fascial matrix, to create more fluidity and alignment within the body. In 2022 Sue transitioned her in-person practice to the virtual space, offering Grounding Foundations where she guides clients with how to tap into their own fascia, to help reduce stress, anxiety and other body pain as a New Revolutionary self-care practice. Sue lives in London Ontario Canada, with her partner Jared, and their angel daughter Avalina. She was published in ‘The Great Canadian Woman - She is Strong and Free’ book in 2019, and is the host of the Love Your Cells Podcast and a Co-host of the Every Body Holds A Story Podcast. Ultimately, her mission is to help guide the next generation of humans with understanding and loving their bodies.

In today’s episode Sue shares;

  • How important it is for all of us to know and understand how to navigate these bodies that we're in, and to really listen to what our signals are trying to tell us.
  • Why we need to drop the shame and judgement and support each other now more than ever
  • A few key ways that we can reduce discomfort in our own bodies with practice & consistency.

Would you like to connect with Sue? You can find her online at Grounding Foundations

On instagram at http:https://www.instagram.com/_sueruhe/ and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/susan.ruhe/

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