072 - How Letting Go of A Grudge Healed Me with Amanda DaCosta

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25-08-2021 • 20分

Meet Amanda DaCosta! Amanda is a Coach who comes from a place of non judgement. Amanda has a background in psychology and 15 years of experience in the mental health and addictions sector as well as 20 years in the fitness industry. She understands the importance of the mind, body, and heart connection. Her approach is to help people reconcile the parts of themselves that feel disconnected by embracing their own humanity while taking full responsibility.

In today’s episode, Amanda shares;

  • How to look at yourself honestly and without judgement to heal past wounds.
  • That sometimes what you think you have control of in your life could really be controlling you in a negative way.
  • Why we must forgive ourselves first without any judgment of our decisions.
  • And so much more

Would you like to connect with Amanda? You can find her online at Amanda-DaCosta.com

On instagram at http:https://www.instagram.com/amanda.dacosta.wellbeingcoach and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/amanda.dacosta.100

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