[S3] Episode 56 ( Interviewing Warren Dotson, The Author Of The Book (New Light)

Raysean Gadson Anime Podcast

12-03-2023 • 35分

Hey, what sup guys ! This is another episode of the Raysean Gadson anime podcast or R-GAP for short, and in today 's episode we're going to be Interviewing Warren Dotson, the author of the book New Light ! We're going to be talking about what inspired him to create the book and also learning about his other skills such as being an animator ! So if that has you interested then sit back and enjoy the ride !

Guest Contact Info :

Twitter: WarrenDot50 TheCobaltCoyote
TikTok: thecobaltcoyote
Instagram: Warren_Dotson_The_Author
YouTube: The Cobalt Coyot

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