After Dark 13: How Anime Production Committees Affect The Anime Production Process

Good Anime Palette

23-10-2023 • 1時間 53分

Episode Timestamps

(00:00:30) Welcome Back To The (After) Dark Side

(00:02:20) Toshio Okada - The Inspiration Behind This Episode (Link)

(00:03:24) The Anime Industry Is Flourishing... Right? (Link)

(00:07:39) What The Heck Is A Production Committee? (Link) (Link 2)

(00:30:04) What Does This Have To Do With Anime Studios?

(00:44:09) MAPPA Made A Calculated (And Risky) Bet On Chainsaw Man (Link)

(00:45:38) Kyoto Animation and ufotable Buck The Production Committee Trend

(00:53:36) Studio Orange Deserves A Special Mention

(00:57:47) It's Not All Doom And Gloom With Production Committees

(01:00:20) Consumerist Behaviors Are To Blame?

(01:04:41) Is There Too Much Anime?

(01:08:21) Here Are Some Stats For Y'all (Link)

(01:18:15) What Can Be Done To Rectify The Situation?

(01:41:13) The World Loves Anime, And Production Committees Need To Acknowledge It More

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