Episode 3: Meet the Playwright - Matt Minnicino

Dungeons + Drama Nerds

27-05-2020 • 36分

In this episode, Percy interviews Matt Minnicino, the creator of our adventure! They talk playwriting, death of the author, and the pass without trace spell. Tune in next week for the continuation of our 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons adventure, Of Mice and Monsters!

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Dungeons and Drama Nerds is produced by Todd Brian Backus, Percy Hornak, and Nick Orvis, and is mixed and edited by Anthony Sertel Dean.

Of Mice and Monsters, our Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition adventure, was written by Matthew Minnicino, featuring Christopher Diercksen as Chadrick Bosley, Kevin R. Free as Sriracha, Rene Goddess as Nokuzola, Nicholas Orvis as Gavin the Glorious, and Percy Hornak as our dungeon master.