It's Not About You

The Red Diamond Report Podcast

18-10-2020 • 47分

Wilton sat down with Andre J. Heath, a world-class motivational speaker, a father of three children and the director of communications at West Point Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

My relationship with Mr. Heath stems back to my days as a young sophomore at Southern Miss aspiring to become a member of my fraternity in 2012. While I was fortunate enough to become a member in the Kappa Iota chapter, my relationship with Heath did not stop there. Not only did he push me and my frat brothers to do right by the objectives of the Fraternity as a chapter advisor, he pushed me to excel academically but stay humble and motivated to achieve at all times.

Throughout his life, Heath has experienced many noteworthy highlights and achievements. But, as you listen to today's episode, you will find out that his achievements and accolades do not define him. But, more importantly, it was when he hit rock bottom that he found his true purpose and witnessed the true reason of why God blessed him with his gifts and talents.

Sit back and get ready as he discusses the power of ambition, becoming a father at 19, wearing a mask as a Black man in society, the value of relationships, voting and more.