The RDR Report: Mia Berry Discusses Reporting on HBCUs, HBCU Culture And More

The Red Diamond Report Podcast

07-07-2023 • 42分

Wilton sat down with Mia Berry, a senior HBCU reporter for ESPN’s Andscape. Berry attended Notre Dame as a first-generation college student. She honed her sports journalism skills through multiple internships and reporting experiences at the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post and the Detroit Free Press prior to joining ESPN. While Berry did not attend a HBCU, the Detroit native has roots within the HBCU landscape. In fact, during the episode, Berry dives into how reporting on the HBCU beat often goes beyond a team’s record of wins and losses and examines the culture, history and tradition that are deeply embedded within the institutions. Sit back and get ready to listen as she discusses her introduction to HBCU culture, the role of HBCU culture in her storytelling, what Big Sean means to Detroit as well as the top football teams to win the SWAC and MEAC and more.