Being Authentically "YOU" With Confidence

The Red Diamond Report Podcast

28-06-2023 • 39分

Wilton sat down with Ariassa Wilson, a confidence coach who helps and empowers people to seek out their purpose. But, as you will soon find out from Coach Rees, finding your purpose is not an easy, one-step process. She believes purpose lies at the intersection of being and becoming.

Beyond helping people from all areas of life, she is the founder of “YOU-ISH”, the platforms she uses to help people find their confidence. She also has years of coaching experience in women’s basketball, skills development and playing on the hardwood.

Sit back and get ready to listen as Rees discusses navigating your purpose, building confidence, showing up authentically “YOU”, expressing the need for more Black coaches in women’s college basketball, some of her favorite WNBA players and more.