Jeff Lightsy Jr. Joins the RDR Podcast

The Red Diamond Report Podcast

05-06-2023 • 43分

Wilton sat down with Jeff Lightsy Jr., a sports reporter and host for 35KY Sports Show and Victory Formation in Louisville, Kentucky. While Jeff honed his journalism skills at Western Kentucky, he was immersed in sports as a child and started finding interest in journalism in high school while doing blogs on athletes close to him. From those beginnings, Jeff now highlights and weighs in on the University of Louisville sports, HBCU sports and the latest national headlines in sports.

Sit back and get ready to listen as he discusses his journey into sports journalism, how his late grandmother piqued his interest in basketball, why the Nuggets will win the 2023 NBA Finals, HBCU culture along with his top five HBCU marching bands and more.