Life 101: Taking the Risks, Paying the Price for Success

The Red Diamond Report Podcast

02-11-2020 • 53分

Wilton sat down with Janice Davis, a 2003 graduate of Natchez High School, a three-time former MS Gatorade Athlete of the Year (2001-2003), a former 100m dash record holder (11.44s), and a five-time NCAA All-American in track and field at Stanford University.

Davis then graduated from Emory University in 2010 with a Masters in Health Policy and Management, and earned a Doctorate of Medicine degree from Medical University of South Carolina in 2016. This year, she graduated from anesthesia residency at the University of Texas Southwestern hospital System in Dallas, Texas and currently works as a pediatric anesthesia fellow at Harvard’s Boston Children’s Hospital.

Davis's has taken many risks and chances in her life. But, she will tell you, those   chances and risks come with a price, one that forces you to give the best version of yourself in order to succeed.

Sit back and get ready to listen as she discusses her love for running, her addiction to success on and off the track, juggling athletics and multiple responsibilities, life after sports, her fellowship at the Children's Hospital and more.