#67 Mayko’s First Date

The Good The Bad and The Whoreable

02-06-2023 • 43分

Scarlett begins the episode today with an introduction to a new guest, Caramello, and his story of being the parent of a trans child. Caramello helped his daughter throughout her transition immensely, beginning when she first came to him in her junior year of high school to confide that she identified more as a female than as a male. Immediately supportive, Caramello recounts being heartbroken and surprised when his daughter’s doctor told him that he had never before had a father come in with their transitioning child as support throughout the process.

Caramello’s story of parental encouragement leads into a discussion about how rare open and communicative parent-child dynamics are regarding topics such as sex and intimacy. Caramello and Scarlett weigh the benefits and consequences of being open and honest about sexual topics with their young adult-aged children and how Caramello has cultivated healthy communication with his daughter. The rest of the group chime in on their own family dynamics and their households’ approach to these sorts of topics.

Scarlett revisits her decision to bring Mayko on the show to discuss such intimate affairs. However, Mayko acknowledges that being on the podcast has helped her to tackle some of her social anxieties and admits she has been very excited to tell the story of her first date. Mayko explains that while she has a boyfriend that lives in Kuwait, they have agreed to an open relationship. So, recently she went on her first-ever date with someone that she met on OKCupid. Mayko dishes on how they first started seeing each other virtually before meeting up at a local outlet mall…which quickly turned into a surprisingly romantic hook-up and make-out session at a nearby park.

Mayko’s talk about her first kiss leads the girls to compare what turns them on and what they wish men would be more into. Mayko explains her type, typically preferring people that are neurodivergent and queer, as she is autistic herself. The group clarifies what it means to be neurodivergent and why Mayko prefers people that are on a similar wavelength. She reflects on how different of an experience this first date was from what was anticipating. She had gone in expecting it to be mostly sex-driven but found that her chemistry with this person was also rather affectionate and romantic as well, and she really enjoyed her time with them.

Rounding out the episode, Willow brings up her brother’s transition at 56 years old and how she is still coming to terms with shifting her perspective from having a sister for so many years to now having a brother. She asks for Caramello’s advice, as someone who has also been on a similar end experiencing his daughter’s transition. Ultimately, the group agrees that making sure the person they love is happy with their choice and able to live a more authentic life is always the most important factor.

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