#56 The Other Woman

The Good The Bad and The Whoreable

17-03-2023 • 1時間 4分

Scarlett shares an email she received from a listener who felt inspired to share her story about being the “other woman” after listening to Lolita’s experience in Episode 11. The girls circle back through Lolita’s story and share their own experiences with affairs, both as the “other woman” and as the one initiating. The conversation touches on the lack of resources available to women who find themselves involved with married men and how this reflects society’s bias towards being the “other woman.”

The girls spend some time unpacking the norms that have influenced our society’s approach to marriage and divorce. Scarlett brings up non-monogamy in relationships and questions why we often view lies told about affairs in a worse light than other types of lies partners tell each other. This leads to the girls discussing the differences between men's and women’s sex drives and the difficulties men often face when trying to navigate a sexless marriage. Lolita finishes with some helpful advice to people who find themselves in situations as the “other woman” and where to go for support.

Have you ever been the “other woman” in a marriage? Have you also found the lack of community support disheartening?

We would love to hear from you!

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