#70 OnlyFans & A Congressman’s Secret

The Good The Bad and The Whoreable

23-06-2023 • 56分

Scarlett has found out about Selene and Joy’s OnlyFans and asks them to share some insights into the world of creating titillating content. The girls dish their expertise on the various ways to make money on OnlyFans and how they get the most bang for their buck on the platform, even without full nudity. The conversation turns to explore the stigmas surrounding OnlyFans and Joy shares her quest for nipple equality, for which the rest of the group whole-handedly approves.

Selene and Joy compare their most watched videos and the types of content their target audiences appreciate the most. This leads to a group discussion about the stress that comes with maintaining quality, targeted content on so many platforms. They chat about moderating comments for inappropriate content and vulgar messages and dig into some of the sex kinks they’ve encountered through the platform as well. Selene recounts a congressman that messaged her with an odd request and the group swaps stories of some generally cringey encounters, from setting off a sister’s dildo in bed to accidental dick pics in the family group chat.

The art of a good dick pic is always a topic rife with opinions, which leads the group to a discussion of their specific preferences for features they find the most sexually attractive. Caramello shares the details of the “okay to look and touch” policy that he shares with his wife and the exploration they mutually enjoy with each other's permission. The conversation shifts to sex clubs, what to expect when attending, and the rules and regulations that entail. Finally, the group laments society’s drably puritanical approach to nudity and advocates for more humor during sex.

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